J.Havens Education and Facilitation

I am an experienced educator who works with both young people and adults to raise our consciousness about how our own racial and gender identities impact and intersect with systems of power, privilege and oppression.

  • Facilitation of workshops on Social Justice, Systemic Oppression, Race, Gender & Identity, Power & Privilege 
  • Consultations for schools and organizations on developing strategic anti-racism initiatives
  • Support for the creation of anti-racist white affinity groups 
  • Incorporation of a heart-based approach


What is a heart-based approach?

Often, in social justice spaces, we can get caught in a space of simply intellectualizing issues, valuing “product” over “process” and cultivating a sense of urgency to get out there and “do something”. I developed the idea of a “heart-based approach” inspired by feminists of Color, and especially Audre Lorde, who argued that attending to our emotional selves was not only valuable, but absolutely necessary to the work. In my workshops and courses, a heart-based approach includes individual and group reflection, journaling about our lives, and creating a space for multiracial community building.


We Fight For It All

This matrix is enough to make you go crazy some days… 

absolute lunacy indeed.

Healing our psychic wounds, building with one another… these are critical to the resiliency of our spirit.

Blessed be the community organizers, activists and mothers who refuse to leave.

Blessed be our freedom fighters, teachers and union leaders. 

But blessed also be our soldiers of love,

warriors of creativity, dance, music and deliciousness.  

Blessed be our healers and those who help us dream and evolve. 

guides who remind us how to laugh and cry, and some days, just breathe...because we are human after all...

We fight for it all. 

-J.Havens, 2015